Magpower Advantages

The Magpower CPV system has several advantages over other solar technologies.

  • Higher Efficiency - Magpower CPV system has higher efficiency than other technologies. Actually the efficiency is higher than 27%. The efficiency of the next system generation under development is espected to increase significantly.

  • Superior Energy Output - Field results indicate that up to 55% more energy may be captured by a Magpower CPV system when compared to a fixed PV or a Thin film systems.

  • Lowest cost of kWh – With high energy yield and low manufacturing cost, Magpower provides one of the lowest costs of kWh in the solar market.

  • Excellent performance in late afternoon - when energy costs are typically the highest.

  • High availability of solar plants – Field experience demonstrates that the availability of Magpower CPV solar plants is over 99,7%, one of the best in the market.

  • Easy Transport and Installation – Built in a modular way, Magpower`s CPV systems are optimized for transportation and are very easy to install. The entire electrical network in the field is tri-phase, lowering cable costs and electrical losses. The presence of someone especially qualified is not required in field. The more complex functions of setup and calibration are controlled via remote through MagLink® 2.0.

  • High Efficiency Tracking the Sun - Magpower dual-axis tracking allows the system to produce its power rating or higher for more hours of the day. With JAFEZI® the system is able to follow the sun in a very precise process.

  • Maintenance & Power Requirements - Designed for high reliability with minimum maintenance. The power requirements are very low, typically less than 0.6% of overall power output.

  • No Water in Operation – Magpower`s CPV systems do not require water for normal operation.

  • Total Remote Control & Operation – MagLink® 2.0 offers a very effective alarm system, along with a number of maintenance operations and predictive diagnostics.  Some maintenance operations and forecast of troubles are available in this control system.

  • High Reliability & Warranties – With field proven reliability, Magpower offers a number of warranties in cell performance, lenses performance, engines performance and many other.  

  • Long field Experience in Solar Power Technology – Magpower is one of the companies in this sector with greater field experience, having acquired an experience of over 6 years with systems operating.

  • Fast energy payback - Less than a year in some cases.


Soon will be possible to access real
time data of Magpower CPV systems
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