Reliability of Magpower Systems

All Magpower CPV systems are very reliable and covered by a strong set of warranties:

  • Maximum degradation of 7,5% in 25 years in cell efficiency

  • Maximum degradation of 3% in 30 years in lenses transmissibility

  • 5 years warranty on manufacturing defects

Magpower panels are IEC 62108 compliant (Design qualification) and in process of IEC 62688 certification (Safety qualification) by TUV.

For reliability issues, and if requested by stakeholders and client`s analysts, Magpower can provide CPV field data for very long periods of time. This data allows the reconstruction of the lifetime behavior of the CPV Solar Plants, analyzing degradation, O&M efficiency and innumerous other aspects.

Soon will be possible to access real
time data of Magpower CPV systems
See Magpower video presentation