MagLink 2.0 (O&M)

Magpower has developed a proprietary software, designated MagLink® 2.0, for easy installation, controlling and operation & maintenance of its CPV Power Plants.

With MagLink® 2.0, skilled labor is not required for the installation and maintenance process of CPV solar plants as most all operations are made remotely. All possible alarms from the solar plants will result in a remote intervention in less than 10 minutes.

MagLink® 2.0 also records all solar plant data, on a per-tracker basis, each 30 seconds. This information is very relevant both for the continued optimization of the plant`s yeld and for warranties and bank performance analysts.

Magpower has an internal department designated as MOC – Magpower Operation Centre, where all MagSun® are managed. When required, and in some specific situations, Magpower can install a MOC in the client facility allowing the client to operate and control their own CPV power plants.

The field performance results Magpower achieved with MagLink®2.0 Remote Operation & Maintenance are an availability of over 99.7% (medium) in all installed CPV power plants.

This result are one of the highest in all solar markets.


Soon will be possible to access real
time data of Magpower CPV systems
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