High Efficiency Tracking System - JAFEZI®

The Magpower`s CPV system, MagSun® TRK, uses a two-axis tracking system implemented for sun tracking. This system ensures that the focus point of the concentrated sunlight is directly on the cells with a precision below 0,05º.

For the highest accuracy in tracking the sun MagSun® uses a program called JAFEZI®, internally developed by Magpower. With JAFEZI®, Magpower`s CPV systems are easily capable of handling in an autonomous way, a large number of factors that can affect the reliability of the alignment process during the day and during the 25 years of lifetime.

MagSun® tracker systems never misalign! With JAFEZI® the tracker automatically aligns itself when some exterior and strong condition occurs, with no need of human intervention. With this solution the MagSun® is immune to all conditions and occurrences that led to “disalignment” and the “less energy than expected” in some CPV systems, where energy yeld and overall performances have fallen short of expectations. Critical CPV disturbances such as atmospheric refraction, dew in the morning, solar spectrum changes, clock errors, tracker manufacturing errors, and many more possible issues are easily handled by JAFEZI® ,as demonstrated by the latest results regarding the availability of Magpower CPV Solar Plants: Over 99,7%!


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