Concentrated Photovoltaic Technology

Magpower`s Concentrator Photovoltaic System (CPV) uses a concentrating optic (lenses) to bundle the sunlight and focus it into a very small solar cells which convert the sunlight into electrical energy. The required active area of the solar cell is reduced to only a small fraction of the usual area required by conventional solar cells (traditional PV or thin film).

Originally, the multi-junction cells used in Magpower`s CPV systems, were developed to be used in satellites. Magpower developed the CPV technology into a marketable product, benefiting from high durability, robust and proven performance in the field.

The cells used in Magpower`s CPV systems have over twice the efficiency of traditional silicon-based PV cells, approaching 40% compared to the 13% - 18% of traditional silicon. As a result the latest  MagSun® TRK has a much higher efficiency (>27%)

The use of these cells also leads to other significant operation advantages over conventional solar technologies such as less age degradation and lower degradation in high ambient temperatures.

Magpower panels are IEC 62108 compliant (Design Qualification) and in process of IEC 62688 certification (Safety Qualification) by TUV.


Soon will be possible to access real
time data of Magpower CPV systems
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