About Magpower

Magpower is one of the world`s largest manufacturer of CPV solar modules and trackers, and is presently expanding the manufacturing capacity to an annualized run rate of 54MW by the end of 2016. By enabling clean and renewable electricity at lower costs, Magpower provides a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources.

The vision to produce solar energy at an affordable price has driven Magpower to become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of solar systems in the world. The MagSun® TRK-220 represents the latest advancements in solar module technology and is rapidly driving down the cost of solar electricity to rates comparable with traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources.

Quick Facts and Figures

  • 2002: Started CPV project

  • 2005: Launched the Magsun® TRK-28 in 2005 with a concentration ratio of 260X

  • 2007: Increased the concentration ratio to 460X with the MagSun® TRK-48

  • 2007: Started the production of commercial products

  • 2008: Increased the concentration ratio to 800X with the MagSun® TRK-60 and TRK-72.

  • End 2008: Expanded annual production capacity to 5MW per year in a 8,000m2 industrial facility and a 400m2 clean room

  • 2012 Started commercialization of MagSun® TRK-150 and reached 7 years on field operation with proven and highly reliable technology. Magpower is one of the few companies in the sector with such a large CPV field experience

  • 2013: Started commercialization of MagSun® TRK-180

  • 2014: European Program NER 300 awarded a 24MW Project in the south of Portugal

  • 2015: Cumulates more than 15MW installed in several countries worldwide in the south of Portugal

  • 2016: Raised a pipeline of more than 50MW to install the latest version of MagSun® TRK-200 and TRK-220

  • 2018: Grid parity reached: with a new module with a revolutionary optical formula.

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